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18, art student, bisexual. Here you'll find girls, vintage images, quotations, Adventure Time, and a whole lotta random things. :)Feel free to ask me a question or just chat.

Anonymous asked: Being gay and having sex before marriage is a sin to God


Of course you would send this on anonymous.

Everything I have ever done has been done with good intentions. The people I’ve had sex with were people I’ve cared about and I happen to like women and men alike.

I went to Catholic schools for a majority of my schooling and the God I learned about is loving and accepting of all his creations regardless of the things they do, that’s what I believe God would be like if I believed in God in the first place.

Look at it this way, there’s more room for you and your devout peers in heaven if people like me who do the things they do out of love even if those things are considered sinful. 

I would much rather go to hell for loving who I love and living my life to the fullest than go to heaven after living a miserable life pretending I’m something that I’m not.

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