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Katie, 19, art student.I love vintage images, women, Adventure Time, art, and a whole lotta random things.Feel free to ask me a question/chat/submit something :)

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innocentgirlcrush: 3, 14, & 42 (:

3. Are you a jealous person?

I can be, especially when I have reason to. I’ve never been irrationally jealous.

14. What makes you laugh no matter what?

If I’m feeling down, honestly, any inside joke between me and a good friend can cheer me up. It’s a nice reminder of that special bond between me and that person that can instantly make me feel better.

42. Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

I haven’t been in love in a really long time. I would like to believe that everyone has a soul-mate, it’s a romantic thought. I hope that I have a soul-mate out there.

Anonymous: Are you open for LDR?

I would consider a long distance relationship if I met a person worth waiting for.

spidermoney: I like your blog :) I've read you are art student. I'm an artist myself. Have you ever posted any of your artwork?

I have posted a couple of my pieces, but it was a while back… I’m hopefully going to start posting more soon :) I’m currently working on a portrait of Lauren Bacall that is turning out nicely.

Anonymous: Hello If you are not lezbirn marry me

I do not know what a lezbirn is… but, I shan’t marry someone I don’t know! Sorry!

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