On My Mind

18, film major, from Portand, OR. These are the random things that are currently occupying my mind.

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Tell me somethin’ :)

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I’m bored!

Guys! Ask me questions! Advice, tell me a story, ask me to tell you one, anything! :) I want to get to know you all!


Some days, I would just rather wear pajamas and makeup than taking the time to actually put an outfit on…

My plans for this upcoming Easter weekend. Dropping acid Saturday night so the trip last through until Sunday morning and then bong rips for Jesus.

noellrebel asked: You're fucking beautiful


You are so sweet! Thank you :) You are beautiful as well and I love your blog ;) You’ve got yourself a new follower!

It’s been a very non-productive day…
Considered getting a piercing. Like a labret or Monroe or getting my nose re-pierced… What do you think?

Also, I just enabled it so that any of you guys can send me a question or message :) so feel free to do that if ya want!

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